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Who says you only wear it once?

Every little girl dreams of her wedding day. For me, it has always been about the dress. I love elegant dresses. It is fun to get dolled up for special occasions. I had some fancy gowns and played dress up until I was probably way too old for that. But it was fun! And my friends didn't complain. What little girl hasn't pored over the magazines? Or Pinterest? I've saved a few pics over the years. What about you?

Wedding dresses while beautiful are so impractical. They are expensive and you only wear them once. That does offend my practical side that works hard for my money. That is why I was so excited with Brandy and Richie asked me to take their 20th anniversary photos in a way that pays homage to their wedding pictures!

She had it all planned out. We returned to the location of their original photos taken in 1999. It must have been some kind of party! It was a perfectly landscaped and manicured home in Bridgeville. It seemed a curious location but wait until you see some of the photographs!

Richie and Brandy are beautiful and fun. Twenty years looks good on them. They wanted to recreate some of the "awkward poses" (their words, not mine) captured by the original photographer and then get some really nice shots reminiscent of their day.

I showed up on a Tuesday afternoon to a residential suburb to meet what looked like a blushing bride and her groom. She wore her wedding dress! She still fits in her wedding dress! How great is that! And what fun!

Armed with pictures of the original wedding photographs on her phone, we went right to work. We nailed the awkward- a few shots gazing off into the distance, a pose or two where he doesn't seem to know where to put his hands, a weird embrace... You know what I'm talking about- awkward family photos! And then we moved on to the good stuff.

Twenty years happily married is a terrific accomplishment! It was a great idea to mark that accomplishment with photos and an amazing European adventure! Happy anniversary my friends! I forgot to share that beneath her wedding dress, Brandy wore cowboy boots and Richie wore funky socks! They make for some of my favorite images from the day.

Like most people, the happy couple informed me that they aren't photogenic but I find that to almost never be the case. It was certainly not true with these two. Another great thing about wearing her wedding dress for the second time is that this twenty year bride wasn't overly worried about getting it dirty. They were brave and up for whatever! Some of the landscaping has matured over the years creating new and amazing spots for our pictures and we left happy. We captured authentic moments in the October colors, some almost tropical shots in lush greenery and beautiful shots of enduring love. Did I mention that she wore her wedding dress?! Check out the Love page on my site to see the results and let me know what you think.

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