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Well, hello there!

Hi! My name is Bethany and I am Fotografía Pittsburgh. Thank you for tuning in! I have loved photography since I discovered it in high school. My big dream was to travel the world and take pictures! Most days, I work as a high school Spanish teacher but have always had a camera or two in hand.

My early photography was shot in black and white 400 speed T-MAX film on my Pentax ME-Super which may dad bought me and I spent countless hours in the old school dark room, where the real magic happens!

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh but I travel as often as I can! My first time away from home was to Peru where I spent six months, volunteered, took lots of pictures and learned Spanish! I will share some of my early work as well as my current projects. What kinds of pictures would you like to see?

Currently, I am specializing in Lifestyle Photography. Take a look at my portraits and let me know what you think.

That's a little something about me. Tell me about you.

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