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Have You Seen It?

Updated: May 29, 2019

Portraits, portraits, portraits. Travel. And Pittsburgh. That's my schtick photographically speaking. On occasion though, I take pictures for businesses: salon portraits of the employees, corporate trainers doing their thing, marketing photos that are macro- up close and personal of make up and brushes, plants, products, pictures of hand crafted furniture, school plays... Usually, those pictures don't make the blog or Instagram or Facebook. Usually, it is work that I do quietly.

This time is a little different. Last summer I spent a couple of weeks in Puerto Rico and happened to run into Maria, who I had met before because we have friends in common. She actually came up to me, asked me if I was from Pittsburgh and if I was Bethany. She said that she thought so and was once at a party at my brother's house. Oddly, that happens more often than one might think!

Of course it was me. I remembered her. We got to talking and ended up hanging out. A few months later, she and her architect husband moved to Seattle. She text me out of the blue and asked if I could I take some pictures for an art installation Aaron was proposing for a building downtown. Long story short, I went and photographed an ugly building, he used my pictures to develop his plan and now 625 Stanwix Street visually represents important figures in local history! It is called #wearepittsburgh.

I enjoy some of the quiet work. I like showing things that people are proud of, learning about their process. I love the stories.

This time it is a little louder. I thought it was worth a share. Go downtown and check it out! The piece is on the corner of Stanwix Street and Fort Duquesne Boulevard. Today, I saw that #wpxi had posted this picture on their Instagram with the question: Have you seen it yet? Do you know everyone? I confess that I didn't but that is part of the fun!

#pittsburgh #pittsburghart #pittsburghhistory #pittsburghmurals #wearepgh

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