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Pittsburgh's Little Piece of Foolishness

Updated: May 7, 2019

Spring in the city is my very favorite time. I love it when the tulips start to bloom, the days get a little longer and it is warm! Throw in a blue sky or two and I am a happy girl. I love to go on walks, usually with my camera. This is when I shoot my Pittsburgh. Yesterday, I strolled along the Allegheny River from 32nd Street towards town.

To hit my 10,000 steps, I found a hidden view of downtown, passed the Heinz Lofts and came upon a lovely old structure covered in three stories of ivy, an abandoned house with great patina and circled back to the now named but never called David McCullough Bridge.

This is the City of Bridges which tops the world at a staggering 446. Venice has three less. The Smithfield Street Bridge is my number one. I enjoy the contrasting blue and yellow on my daily commute. But yesterday was all about the beautiful 16th Street which crosses the Allegheny River to join the Strip District to Route 28. I've never walked it before. I wondered about the crown of blue copper globes and horses. I looked it up. They are called Armillary Spheres. I photographed them. Maybe I will share later. In the meantime, this pic may be a current favorite. Bold color and geometric patterns make great subjects for pictures. Your assignment, should you choose to accept: Share your pics of bridges, color or pattern with me.

I spent quite a while here in this spot which was once called "a little piece of foolishness." Which is your favorite bridge?

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