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National Book Day

What do you think about all of these #nationalwhateverdays ? I like some of them. National Drink Wine Day, National Eat Doughnuts Day, National Siblings Day because I have four of them- all boys who are my giant little brothers as I describe them to kids. The shortest one is six feet tall making me official runt of may family... Yes, I am the only girl!

Back to the nationals, today is National Book Day and I love reading: all books, photography books, novels, classic literature, travelogues, cheesy teen sagas...

My favorite photo books are The Family of Man, an ambitious project curated as an exhibition by Edward Steichen for the Modern Museum of Art in New York and forever combined as a beautiful book essay. It shows humanity from all walks of life just living. Birth, death, work, school, children, the elderly, everyone in celebration and sorrow in beautiful black and white. I have pored over the pages time and again.

My other favorite is Terra-Struggle of the Landless by Sebastaio Salgado. He may be my #favoritephotographer of all time! He also shows real life but in a way in which the aesthetic perfection of his images is shocking in scenes of poverty, labor and exploitation. The juxtaposition of beauty and ugliness captures and keeps the attention of the viewer.

What is your #favoritebook?

Hasta pronto!


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