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Family Photos

Do you have a favorite family photo? You know the one. You remember the day, what everyone wore, the goofy look on your brother's face... Have you ever noticed that you have memories of your photos? Would we remember without the pictures? Or is it the pictures that help us remember? The most important thing about family portraits is how you felt. I hope that you felt loved, protected, and a part of something special. These are your people. Back then, you wore matching outfits to show the world that this crazy bunch is your family!

More than our traditional posed photos, I love the ones of my brothers that I took myself. Remember, I've been doing this forever. The boys were my first models. I think I was ahead of the curve. Those pictures were less formal and more lifestyle.

The rules have changed a little over the years. The studio is out. We don't go to Olan Mills. ( Are they still in business?) You don't wear the exact same outfit as your sister. These days we save that horror for bridesmaids but even those rules are relaxing. Hello color theme and pick your own flattering dress! But I digress...

I am a huge proponent of modern family photos. I love them because you get to be you. The family can be silly and laugh. I encourage it! Remember, we want to capture treasured memories that last forever. Are your dogs important members of your tribe? Bring them! We pick your favorite part of town or or head out to the country and take pictures. Think city streets, parks, a farm, the baseball field... If you want to try someplace weird, I am all for it. We will love it and it and everybody else will think it was genius! No other family will have the same setting. Your photographs are as unique as your loved ones!

On Saturday, I met up with the Hohls. They are a beautiful family of three. They chose a beautiful old town near the water. The weather was perfect: sunny with some shade, zero humidity. So we walked. Little Isa was a natural model, posing and hamming it up. Steve and Anita were willing to try different spots, poses and had some great ideas of their own! This pose was her idea and it turned out great! Don't you love it?

This is your session, please let me know what you are thinking. I am open to your ideas and suggestions. Together, we will capture some beautiful memories to hang in the living room forever.

On that note, I do have a few suggestions:

1. Color coordinating with the family is a good idea. Pick two or three main colors and stick with them. Feel free to change up the tone and texture.

2. If you want a large print to hang up at home, think about coordinating with your home decor.

3. Have your own ideas? Share them ahead of time. Ask questions. Feel free to include me on a Pinterest board or text me something you love. I have a plan, but I want to make sure that your new photos truly represent your bunch!

4. Bring snacks, water, and a toy or two to keep the kids happy. If they are really little, Grandma may be helpful in capturing and keeping their attention turned towards the camera.

5. Relax and have fun. Sometimes, the mishaps make for the best pictures!

Let's meet for pictures! Where should we take yours? Do you have a favorite Pittsburgh neighborhood?

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